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High precicion 3D printing of metallic parts

ID: F1504-09

Additive manufacturing (AM) basically means 3D printing, so-called because the process adds material to a component instead than subtracting it as in traditional manufacturing. While the technology shows great promise, it is currently too immature for large-scale commercial applications.
A task therefore aims to enhance AM. The objective is to rapidly produce the finest quality steel products ever made, making use of an AM method and advanced alloys. The meant process should produce defect-free free metal components up to 2 m in size, and with minimal wastage, for usage in certain high-technology sectors.
Up to today, large batches of materials have been procured. The have always been equipment is operating, examples have been made, and new alloys and structures have been created and tested. The task is working on development metrology and in-process tracking. Brand new standards are rising and being applied inside the standardisation community. Preparations have actually been made for further work, to consist of manufacturing of AM test samples and intermediary components, and comparative standard tests.



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