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New air cleaning technology

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New air cleaning technology

New air cleaning technology

ID: F1509-02

Industrial environments produce a great deal of dust that can be damaging to both equipment and personal health. A brand new air cleaning system that removes nano-scale particles and prevents build-up of explosive dust will tap large global areas. Experts therefore created an improved industrial-scale air cleansing system. The system is compatible using the European Commission's Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) Directive. It's also aligned with standard programs in a variety of industrial manufacturing outlines. Software tools to model the spatial and temporal separation characteristics given interior dirt concentration for a variety of complex situations supported the effort. The tools also enable evaluation of components and reliability. One of the absolute most crucial innovations spurring task success was splitting the deduster housing into two compartments. The first cleans the high-volume, low-pollutant concentration air stream. As filter cake builds up, it's periodically removed with suction to minimise accumulation of explosive dust. The filter cake is transported to the second compartment and subjected to low suction. Division into two compartments and use of ignition source and spark tracking significantly decreases the risk of explosion. The filter itself is a traditional drum filter, but it employs a novel fibrous textile material. The drum filter enables more controlled filter regeneration (elimination of build-up via suction) and very low force loss. Its pleated design supports dust separation down to the nano scale. The specialised textile material supports extremely high filtration prices. The pleated filter drum design and filtering process are entirely unique and have actually resulted in a patent application. Design and construction of the very first demonstration product had been approved by the Notified Body tasked with evaluating conformity of a manufacturer's air cleansing unit with essential demands regarding safety and avoidance of explosion threat. The demonstrator had been employed for a four-month period on a factory flooring. Its conformity with regulations will get rid of the need for explosion-proof instrumentation, significantly reducing costs for manufacturers. Mobility, reduced power consumption and the capability to filter nano-scale particles could make it also more competitive in the huge worldwide market exploiting nanomaterials.

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